mediationSeparation can be an extremely difficult time especially when it hasn’t been your decision. Sometimes it can be harder than if your partner has just died for some unfortunate reason. Separation is one of the biggest changes in our lives especially if you have been together for many years. Counselling can be an effective to work through the many issues involved and get your life back on track.

Of course it becomes even more complicated if you have children and you are having to negotiate with your ex about how and when you both see the children. Deciding on an arrangement that suits the two of you and the children can be a challenge.

Things I can help you with here are:

  • Coping with the separation and getting your life back
  • Suggestions and advice for managing the children
  • Formulating a parenting that works for everyone
  • Mediating disputes when you and your partner are in conflict over who should have the children when
  • Some thoughts about how the children may be experiencing the separation and how to best support them through it.
  • Or maybe you just want to discuss whether separation is the best option for you and your partner.

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