individualIf your life seems to be out of control or just not what you signed up for it may be helpful to talk to a professional to get a different perspective. Having the ability to talk and process your thoughts with a counsellor can be hugely beneficial. It’s a bit like when a friend arrives with a problem and talks for an hour with little input from you, and then thanks you for helping them solve their problem. Sometimes we just need somebody to listen. I am happy to listen but also address the underlying issues that we are so often not aware of, but keep us stuck.

Freud used the term about ‘making the unconscious, conscious’ I belive that when we are aware of what lies beneath then we are in control rather than being controlled by what we are not aware of.

Some of the areas I can help you with are:

  • Decision making
  • Employment issues.
  • Conflict with extended family.
  • Low self worth and not feeling good enough
  • Feeling like you don’t measure up to other’s expectations.
  • Perfectionism
  • Feeling suicidal and that life is not worth living.
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Stress
  • Setting emotional and physical boundaries between you and other people.
  • Relationship issues – Deciding whether you should get into a new one, out of one, or how to survive one.
  • Grief and loss. Coming to terms with a death, separation or losing anything else that you cherished.

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